What is GCS?

The Great Commission Society is an international organization that exists for the sole purpose of communicating the Gospel message relevant to every person in all the world, as instructed by the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15).

GCS provides the very highest standard of evangelism, an effective training curriculum and a robust mentoring program, designed to equip Christians for sustainable personal evangelism and discipleship. Our vision is to equip hundreds, to teach thousands and to reach millions, until the job is done.

The model of GCS has been in place for over 20 years. GCS has close to 300 full-time evangelists spread across 6 continents. In the past four years alone, we have reached 11.39 million people with the gospel. All donations to the Great Commission Society are used solely for evangelism. We can proudly say that every dollar donated equates to 12.6 people who will hear the good news of Christ.


GCS works closely with individuals, groups and church movements throughout the world to provide relevant training to help them practically reach out to friends, family and acquaintances with the clarity of the Gospel message. Together with our partners, we are working in over 100 countries to translate that commitment into practical action, focusing special effort on equipping the global church. Here is a breakdown of what we provide:


Evangelistic Missions

GCS has a growing roster of evangelistic speakers and musicians throughout the world, with experience of sharing the Gospel across a wide range of cultures and secular groups such as: schools, universities, prisons, detention centers, sports and fitness clubs, New Age events, market place meetings, rehabilitation centres, street work, public meetings, etc.... Our team comes with God's anointing, biblical training, practical experience and missionary strategy.


School of Evangelism

GCS sends out experienced evangelists to train and equip students to effectively share the Gospel and provide follow-up support for new believers. The training curriculum is dynamic and practical, exploring a wide range of contemporary issues relating to sharing and defending the Christian faith. The combination of both 'theoretical study' and 'putting it into practice' is where we see most fruit. The curriculum has 3 levels: Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.


Short-Term Mission Opportunities

In conjunction with our partners, GCS host and organize short-term mission trips throughout the world, lasting anywhere from 1 week to 1 year. We offer hundreds of possibilities for individuals, families, married couples, churches and youth groups designed to get people equipped and fired-up for evangelism.


Mentoring & Discipleship

GCS provides one-to-one mentoring in personal evangelism to individuals throughout the world. We share teaching resources, and offer support and guidance in some of the most difficult mission fields to mobilize people to serve God to their fullest potential. Our objectives are to be, Christ-centered, Bible-grounded and Gospel-focused.


Church Planting

GCS have the privilege of working in partnership with church groups that have a specific vision to establish and develop new fellowships in new locations. GCS helps facilitate this through evangelistic training and missions. As people come to Christ, they are discipled to grow in their faith and develop into leaders of new faith communities, no matter where they're planted.


Relief & Development

GCS responds to a wide range of humanitarian needs across the world. We provide aid to those facing natural or man-made disaster, and free educational support to students, government organizations and the general public to promote human welfare and social justice